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for your exosome research and utilization

ExosomePlus was founded in 2018 to drive an extracellular vesicle (EV) revolution, bringing the best EV isolation and
characterization platform in the field of regenerative therapy  to bear on research wide
challenges faced by pharmaceutics industry.

Moving discovery from the lab to the real world, ExosomePlus are forming strategic partnerships to help companies integrate high purity exosomes into targeting for greater efficacy, versatility, and results. Our decade of directed exosome and its application R&D before establishment have resulted in more than 10 patents and applications. With a majority of our professional staff and management, advisory board members having doctoral or other higher degrees, our employees bring extensive experience in our target markets. ExosomePlus draws on these human resources to serve the needs of industry leaders in  medical science with our core technology capabilities.

ExosomePlus is proud to be backed by the following industry leading venture capital firms


ExosomePlus has assembled a multi-disciplinary business and scientific management team accomplished in growing high technology product companies, creating new technology industries and partnering with customers to overcome process inefficiencies and achieve desired EV qualities. Not only the management has track record of success also the work force is experienced and highly technical.

    Jong-Uk Bu, PhD (CEO)

  • Over 35 years of experience and proven track record evolving Nano and MEMS companies from scientific stage to successfully commercialization
  • Published over 150 journal papers and 160 patents


  • Research fellow, EECS, Univ. of Michigan
  • Vice present, LG Electronics
  • Chairman, Micro and Nano System Association
  • Chairman, IEEE MEMS (2007)
  • President, Nanosys Korea, Inc.
  • Co-founder, Inno QD
  • CEO, Senplus Inc.

    Jae-Sung Park, PhD (CTO)

  • Pioneered exosome related research in Postech
  • Published over 70 journal papers and 20 patents


  • PhD., Univ. of Michigan
  • Research fellow, Harvard Medical School
  • Visiting scholar and visiting prof., Univ. of Michigan
  • Member, Korea Extracellular Vesicles Society
  • Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering and Life Science, POSTECH

Advisory Board

Chung-Soo Kim, MD

  • Professor, Urology, Seoul A-San Medical Center
  • Head, A-San Life Science Research Center
  • Visiting professor, Duke University
  • MD, Seoul National University

Yong-Goo Kim, MD / PhD

  • Specialty in transfusion medicine and Molecular genetics
  • Chief, Division of Laboratory Medicine
  • MD, PhD, Catholic University

Ji-Yeol Lee, MD

  • Head, Cancer Research Institute, St. Mary’s Hospital
  • Professor and Head, Division of Prostate, Catholic Medical School
  • President, Asia Pacific Society of Urology

Y. Gianchandani, PhD

  • 35 years of experience of research and business development in Nano/MEMS area
  • Professor, EECS, Univ. of Michigan
  • Director, Engineering Research Center, WIMS
  • Fellow, IEEE

Se-Joong Kim, MD

  • Reviewer, Journal of Korean Medicine and Science, Kidney Research and Clinical practice, Electrolytes and Blood pressure