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Exo2D™ - for RNA

- No time-consuming ultracentrifugation
- Short incubation time
- Total process time is less than 1 h
- Almost perfect exosome isolation efficiency
- Reliable RNA based assay

  Product name


  Exo2DTM- for RNA, urine/culture media (50 ml isolation)

 10 ml

  Exo2DTM-  for RNA, urine/culture media (100 ml isolation)

 20 ml

  Exo2DTM-  for RNA, urine/culture media (250 ml isolation)

 50 ml

  Exo2DTM-  for RNA, plasma/serum (25ml isolation)

   5 ml

  Exo2DTM-  for RNA, plasma/serum (50 ml isolation)

 10 ml